My name is Alec. Well, actually, it’s Mathew, but only my paychecks & 8th grade history teacher have ever called me that.

According to my parents, I was born in Virginia. This was in 1991. I don’t know for sure, because we left before my earliest memories. Well, that and various government-issued documents corroborating their story. Either way we wound up in Phoenix not long after I turned one.

Since 2006, I’ve been a student of graphic design. This was in high school, and it wasn’t until college that I became interested in web design or development. I took an intro to HTML/CSS course, and never stopped. I’ve since taken courses in Javascript and PHP, as well as more advanced HTML/CSS & web design courses. The time spent in these courses is dwarfed by the time I’ve spent online reading, expirimenting, and arguing talking with like-minded individuals. I love to learn, so the fact that there is still a near-infinite amount of things I don’t know about development is both intimidating & exciting.

I’m now a student of Internet/Web Development at the Ira Fulton School of Engineering at ASU Polytechnic, and I hold an Associate’s Degree in Digital Media Arts (Design) from Glendale Community College. I also work part-time and take freelance jobs on the side.

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